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Lubrication of gear transmission

When the lubricant of gear transmission is selected, it is very important that how to adopt the proper lubrication mode to ensure the lubrication of the friction parts and make the performance of the lubricant really play its role. It is of great significance to ensure the lubrication of the gear, prevent the lubrication failure, prolong the service life of the gearbox, and reduce the consumption of the lubricant. pln ple
The common lubrication methods of gear unit are oil bath lubrication, circulating oil injection lubrication, oil mist lubrication, centrifugal lubrication, grease lubrication, solid lubrication, etc..
(1) lubrication of low speed gears
Low speed gear drive can be divided into low speed heavy load and low speed general gear drive.
Low speed and heavy load gear generally refers to mining, metallurgy, building materials, equipment selection, torque gear transmission, usually used lubricating oil lubrication injection combined, safe and reliable, but also conducive to heat dissipation.
General low speed gear transmission, such as crane reducer, pumping unit reducer, basically by Shantou bath lubrication. This method is simple, reliable and cost saving, the disadvantage is that the capacity of the oil is limited, can not be in the same cooling, can not filter.
(2) lubrication of high speed gears
High Kui gear device adopts injection pressure lubrication cycle, this method can avoid stirring oil loss, the oil filter, in circulation cooling and monitoring, can also be oil bearing, oil can be taken to determine the heat.
(3) lubrication of worm drive
The lubrication of worm drive can be divided into oil bath lubrication and pressure injection lubrication. The distinction is mainly based on the two halogen sliding speed or worm speed, the speed is too high when the size of N1 (vs:10m/s), the oil will drop due to the centrifugal force behind, difficult to enter the intermeshing region, so it is necessary to use pressure lubrication, in general, most of the low speed worm gear oil bath lubrication.
Using oil bath lubrication mode mostly in the reducer box as part of the tank, the large gear dipped in oil on a certain depth, when the gear is rotated splash up oil lubricated closed drive all friction parts.
The gear can be immersed in oil (such as the first level) or the use of a wheel and gear oil immersed in oil, also can use special oil pan, oil splash bar directly to the tooth profile, or from dripping on the wall of the box or by oil plate and guide oil groove indirectly add oil on a tooth profile. But the splash to lubricate the upper bearing or gear for gear speed, unit is m/s; D is the diameter of the gear oil, the unit is m is reliable, otherwise it must be installed oil scraper. Automobile rear axle gear is also generally oil bath lubrication.
If the bearing of the gear drive is lubricated by splash, then the line speed should be more than 3m/S, such as the high-speed and low-speed gear with a separate oil pool lubrication, the circumferential speed can also be 3om/S. Special circumstances useful to more than 4om/s, but at this time a large loss of oil.
The immersion depth of immersion depth online speed. 3m/s is 3 to 6 times the modulus. When. 3m/s is 1 to 3 times the modulus. For multistage gear box, it is best to dip the gears at different heights in the overflow compartment. Table 9-44 lists all of the immersion depth of reducer recommended value.
The height of the oil surface is determined by the capacity of the tank and the amount of oil to be cooled. The oil consumption is about 5-10L. Put oil and more oil, the long service life, and can bottom debris impurities to precipitate, oil surface observation device state inspection the location of oil often, in order to ensure the immersion depth, in order to balance the body pressure caused by fever rises, must set up the exhaust device, when necessary, can also be at the bottom of the box is arranged magnetic plug attract metal particles.
The oil work duration, the amount of oil, additive, environmental and other operating conditions affect the oil temperature, thus affecting the service life of the oil. High oil temperature, oil viscosity decrease, reduce the risk of life, increase the tooth bonding.