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In involute planetary gear transmission

In involute planetary gear transmission, reasonable use of variable gear can improve the quality and meshing transmission capacity, in the transmission ratio condition for right of center distance,, ensure that the assembly and concentric conditions, tooth number choice with more freedom. The gear changing position of common cylindrical gear planetary transmission is the determination of the number of teeth and the number of planets.
Planetary gear transmission mechanism has the main force center wheel, planet wheel, shaft and bearings, etc.. In order to calculate the strength of gear and shaft, the bearing life of the bearing is calculated, and the stress analysis of the components of the planetary transmission is required. When the number of planet gears is NW, it is assumed that the planet wheel load evenly, and only need to analyze the arbitrary set of planetary wheel and the center wheel can be combined, usually neglecting friction and gravity effects. Each component is balanced in the input and transfer function, and the force between the components is equal to the reaction force. Stress analysis of goods herringbone gear transmission NGW\NGWN\NW type straight tooth.
Various forms of planetary transmission all can be decomposed into each other and you a few of the gear vice, the gear strength calculation can be quoted fixed axis gear transmission formula, but must consider the structure characteristics of the planetary transmission (spiders) and motion characteristics (planetary gear both rotation and revolution, etc.), under general conditions, the NGW planetary gear transmission. Bearing capacity of the ability depends on external meshing. So the first calculation of the external meshing gear strength. But for the sun wheel, a planetary wheel gear carburizing and quenching, grinding, and the ring gear is quenching and tempering, in processing gear planetary transmission, gear should also be used to check the strength of the.NGWN type, gear at all levels often go to the same modulus, so carrying capacity generally depends on the low-speed gear wheel. Planetary gear transmission usually require a larger transmission ratio and smaller radial dimension, so to choose more teeth, small modulus gear, in this case should be first bending strength calculation, due to the characteristics of planetary gear transmission, the following points should be considered
1, small gear torque
2, the number of stress cycles
3, dynamic load coefficient and velocity coefficient
4, tooth to load distribution coefficient
5, fatigue limit
6, the minimum safety factor