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Robot speed reducer is also called (robot reducer)

Robot reducer is also called (harmonic reducer) it is widely used in many traditional industrial areas or repetitive movements, people make robots in place of human work. This involves the industrial robot project as well as the servo motor, drive and control systems, robots, such as the core components of the core components of the project. That is the main base and implementing agencies, including the arm, wrist and hand, there are some robot walking mechanism. Most industrial robots have 3 ~ 6 degrees of freedom, the wrist is usually 1 ~ 3 degrees of freedom; drive system including power device and a transmission mechanism, to the executing agency to produce a corresponding action; control system according to the input of the program of drive system and implementing agencies issued a directive signal, and control.
Industrial robot is an industrial field of multi joint robot manipulator or multi degree of freedom of the machine, it can automatically perform the work, is to rely on their own power and control ability to achieve a variety of functions of a machine. Can also accept human command, can also be in accordance with the procedures set out in advance, the modern industrial robot can also be based on the principles of artificial intelligence technology to develop a program of action. Precision control is the key, each robot joint, there must be a high precision reducer. Robot is powered by a servo motor and general motor speed per minute up to 1000 ~ 3000 turn times, robot reducer is to make the servo motor speed down, in addition to ensure the accuracy of robot each campaign a, but also to improve bearing capacity.
The robot speed reducer has been designed and improved in our country. It is no longer dependent on imported speed reducer. It is not only the price is expensive, but also the delivery time is slow. Japan's production of the reducer occupied 80% of the world market, our products have been catching up, lower prices, faster delivery speed. Robot reducer is a from within the fixed tooth just round, soft wheel, and makes the flexible wheel radial deformation of wave generator, has the advantages of high precision, high bearing force and other advantages, and ordinary reducer, due to less 50% of the materials used, the volume and weight reduces at least 1 / 3 of. Accuracy of up to 0 arc.
Single stage harmonic reducer transmission ratio in 50 - 300, preferably 75 - 250
Double harmonic reducer transmission ratio from 3000 to 60000.
Complex harmonic reducer transmission ratio from 200 to 140000.
Product introduction of robot speed reducer http://www.szcrjg.com/html/productlist/list-115-1.html