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What kind of bearings are suitable for the speed reducer

Reducer suitable for what kind of bearing of reducer suitable for what kind of bearings: knowledge of the reducer everyone has learned a lot the, I think, everyone should know what is the worm reducer, what is the screw lift the bar, in fact, the light know these names are far from enough, know how to operate is not enough, because we all know that, learning not only knows its however to know why, that is, not only can operate, and doesn't know the principle of its operation. But the reducer technology is a very complex technology, involves the knowledge more, is also more complex, so in the process of learning to constantly remember organize notes, only continue to collate the past knowledge, review the old, then can be better to learn new things. Here to talk about this topic: reducer commonly used bearings include deep groove ball bearings (GB/T276-1994) self-aligning ball bearings (GB/T281-1994) angular contact ball bearings (GB/T292-1994) cylindrical roller bearing, spherical roller bearing (GB/T283-1994) (GB/T283-1994) (GB/T297-1994) tapered roller bearings, thrust ball bearings (GB/T301-1995) needle roller bearings, thrust roller bearings four column roller bearings (JB/T14039-1985) double row tapered roller bearings (GB/T299-1995) four row tapered roller bearings (GB/T300-1995) two-way thrust ball bearings (GB/T301-1995) thrust roller bearings (GB/T5859-1994) cylindrical roller thrust bearing (GB/T4663-1994) thrust tapered roller bearings (GB/T4663-1994) needle roller thrust bearings (GB/T4605-1984) needle roller and cage assemblies (GB/T5846-1986 Dan Shuang) Series needle roller bearings (GB/T5801-1994) single needle roller bearings without inner rings (GB/T5801-1994 stamping outer ring needle roller bearings GB/T12764-1991 reducer
An important parameter of worm and worm gear reducer: modulus m, worm dividing circle diameter D, the lead angle gamma, and central distance a, worm number Z1, the worm gear tooth number Z2 etc., resolution of worm and gear basic size of credentials for the above parameters, the Z1, Z2 is composed of a transmission is selected. What size calculations are shown in the following table.
Worm drawing
Worm reducer usually choose a view, the tooth top line, root line and dividing line drawing of cylindrical gear and similar to the root of the fine solid line represents the line may be omitted. The tooth section or part available to reduce the map performance.
Worm gear painting
(1) in the projection for non circular view commonly used in full section treated or half section as, and in its phase meshing worm line position draw a dotted line drawing circles and symmetrical to the central line, to indicate the size and central distance.
(2) in the projection for the round view, only draw the top round and indexing the largest circle, circle and root circle throat omitted. Projection is a circular view part of the view available expression instead of hole keyway.