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Reducer reducer parts damage and repair methods in use for a long time

Reducer reducer parts damage and repair methods in use for a long time, to produce a variety of vibration, noise and so on, which indicates that the internal parts of reducer damaged, shall repair or replace, now 11 shows: (1) gear wear gear wear tooth tooth wear broken gear shaft hole or slot wear (2) reducer bearing hole wear hole screw thread failure (3) the reductor shaft surface wear keyway of wear and shaft bending for the above different failure modes can take on-site repair and replacement of parts repairing method. The axial shaft hole keyway the wear surface, can take the method of plating, to restore the original precision of parts. The method also can be used to press the shaft bending straightening. There is no other way to break this type of damage, only to re - process the new parts. These are just afterwards remedy, in order to ensure that the service life of the reducer, the key is in the time of purchase to choose the right type, high safety factor, strict according to the instructions, to ensure the lubrication, avoid overload. Such as the reducer in the operation of the abnormal should be checked early, to eliminate the use of failure after.