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Model performance essentials clarify cycloid reducer

Model performance essentials clarify cycloid reducer
B: the B series cycloid reducer
W, L: the performance of device layout situation (W: foot type Morrison horizontal loading; L: flange type vertical installation)
D, Y (letter): power setting instance (special power source set example below) (double not performance)
D: the performance of ordinary motor direct type
Y: the performance of common motor direct type
B: the performance of explosion-proof motor
T: the performance of high speed motor
M: the performance of motor oil
Z: the performance of common DC motor
P: the performance of stereo brake motor
N: the inner cone type brake motor
S: low noise motor
(in addition, otherwise, the motor frequency conversion motor boat, please consult to the skills section)
Digital: machine No.
Digital: transmission ratio
Digital performance: output power (KW) double type does not show
A biaxial type model
B:B series cycloid reducer
W: foot type horizontal loading
2: No. 2
29: the transmission ratio of 29
The tree model two double stage and motor direct type
B:B series cycloid reducer
L: flange type vertical installation
E: double stage
Y: common motor direct type
53: No. 5 high-speed, low-speed machine 3
1711: transmission ratio low level 17, level 11 high speed
4: output power 4KW
To clarify: (1) in two stage reducer transmission ratio at all levels in combination with high speed end for small end of the transmission ratio of the low end of the big end is the transmission ratio.
(2) double speed reducer transmission ratio = low-speed transmission ratio of high-speed transmission ratio.