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The essentials and the steps of eliminating the shaft of the reducer shaft of the gear reducer
Driver installation is composed of motor, hydraulic coupling, brakes and cycloid reducer, as shown in Figure I. Some use the stack reclaimer field and driver installation in the encounter of cycloidal pin wheel reducer high speed shaft broken shaft of the environment, to the user's consumption form a greater impact. Such as Qinghai new building materials project scraper drive installation, Chongqing Iron and steel group project standard bucket wheel car driver installation, Shanxi Datong Coal Mine of cantilever tape driver installation. When the shaft is broken, it is usually only a high speed shaft, while the low speed shaft seldom breaks. The rotation shaft fracture as usual is flush, the section perpendicular to the axis of the usual length bias.
(1) the plan to modify the reducer of the pin wheel;
(2) the shaft of the shaft of the motor shaft and the shaft of the transmission shaft of the gear reducer are controlled strictly when the device and the service are maintained.
Degree, make it reach the designated requirements;
(3) when the plan is to use the parallel axis of the gear reducer, as far as possible to stop the use of vertical axis
Cycloidal pin wheel reducer
(4) the radial load should be calculated when the gear reducer is used to calculate the speed of the reducer;
(5) in the selection of motor pole number should be as much as probably choose six pole motor, both the synchronous speed is 1000 rpm / the motor as driving motor, such can be eliminated coincidence device in high-speed rotation vibration, especially to power larger driver installation, such as power is greater than 90kw drive to install the best selection of low speed motor. At this time the cost of motor will corresponding than 4-pole machine price is higher;
(6) the idea of elimination or control hydraulic coupling the unbalanced torque size.