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Analysis of gear reducer transmission scheme

The single stage transmission is smaller than the ordinary one (5-8), and the two stage is larger (8-40). The length of the coaxial reducer is shorter, but the axial size and the weight of the. Two of the depth of gear oil immersion in the most match. The bearing capacity of the high speed gear is difficult to be used, the center of the bearing is smooth, the center shaft is longer, the rigidity is worse, the load is not symmetrical.
Gear reducer can be made straight teeth, helical or herringbone gear. Straight tooth for lower rate or transmission load lighter; helical or herringbone gear for high speed or heavy load transmission.
Because of the deviation of the gear and the axis parallel to the axis, the vertical axis of the cylindrical gear is identical in the same environment, and thus only considers a stereo. But the reality is that the gear width, the surface of the spur gear is produced for pure rotation in base cylinder, the arbitrary and radical generatrix of the cylinder involute surface. A pair of involute spur gear meshing tooth surface timely, battle line is parallel to the axis line. The meshing environment of this kind of gear is the same as that of the whole tooth, and the force of the gear is suddenly added or removed, so the transmission is stable, and the noise is large. The structure of the gear tooth profile of the gear reducer is the same as that of the spur gear, but the gear line is not the same as the bus bar. When a plane along the base cylinder rotates, the inclined straight line trajectory is a splash of spiral surface, namely helical gear tooth surface. The meshing environment of this kind of gear is gradually entering and engaging with the whole tooth width, so it is better to compare with the spur gear, the transmission is steady, the blow and the noise is small.