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Cycloid reducer box is a combination of layout for supporting and strong bearing

Cycloid reducer box is a combination of layout for supporting and strong bearing, ensure the normal transmission parts, excellent sealing and smooth meshing foundation parts, its layout and stress are relatively large. The layout plan of the gear reducer box body is in the condition of guaranteeing the rigidity and strength, while considering the requirements of sealing, compact structure, excellent processing and disassembly process, maintenance and use of facilities.
The body of the case of a pin wheel reducer of the same general use is made of cast iron. In the heavy duty gear reducer, in order to improve the strength and rigidity, can also be cast steel casting. Casting box body mass, but due to the rigidity, easy cutting, and can get a huge shape, to be used throughout. In some single consumption of large - scale - pin wheel reducer, the box can be welded with steel. The welding box is light, the layout is compact, the consumption cycle is short, but it is easy to heat distortion, so it is required to have higher welding skills, and after welding, the welding process will be held after the annealing treatment.
The plan of the box body and the plan of the combination of the shaft system should be in harmony, common and interwoven. The layout plan of the box body of the pin wheel reducer is to be held in the first box, then the main body, the first part, the first part, the first surface and then the detail.